Medication Delivery Servicing Eastern North Carolina

Local Prescription Delivery for Only $3 

Skip the pharmacy lines and let us deliver your monthly medications directly to your home or office. Auto-refills, $3 shipping, and personalized adherence packaging makes staying on track easy.

Medication Delivery Services
  • We'll deliver your medications anywhere in our service area at a low cost of $3 per delivery.
  • Auto Refills - Enroll in automatic refills so you never run out.
  • Text Notifications - Get text notifications for prescriptions that are ready and use Realo Pay to pay ahead of time.
How to Enroll in Medication Delivery
  • Fill your prescription as you normally would.
  • We'll send a text when your prescription is ready for pickup.
  • Click the link at the bottom of the text to pay ahead.
  • Enter your name and date of birth so we can verify it's you.
  • View your current prescriptions ready for pickup. You can also remove any that you don't wish to pick up. Click Checkout.
  • If you'd like to add over-the-counter medications, click the "view more" link to see a list of items available to add. These will be added to your order and will be ready for pickup when you arrive, or added to your delivery.
  • Choose delivery and verify your delivery address.
  • Enter your payment information. From Apple Pay to FSA/HSA and all major credit cards, your payment is safe and secure. You can even save your card for future use to make it even faster the next time you pay ahead.
Benefits of Medication Delivery
  • Convenience - Medications come to you.
  • Compliance - Packaging and reminders prevent missed doses.
  • Safety - Avoid driving to pick up medications.
  • Accessibility - Great for those with limited mobility.