Pharmacy Compounding Services

Medication Compounding

Allow us to compound your medication in the dosing, strength, flavoring, or form that meets your needs. Specially flavored liquids, topical creams, transdermal gels, and more are custom made based on the physician's prescription and patient toleration.

When To Get A Compounded Medication
  • You need a custom dosage or strength not readily available by the drug manufacturer.
  • You need a flavored medication.
  • You are allergic to something (lactose, gluten, dye, preservatives, etc.) included in your drug.
  • You have difficulty swallowing pills.
  • Your medication upsets your stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Compounding Pharmacy

Yes, when performed by trained and licensed pharmacists, compounding is a safe practice. Pharmacists follow strict guidelines to ensure the safety and efficacy of compounded medications.

Compounded medications themselves are not FDA approved, but the individual components used should be FDA approved. The FDA does oversee certain aspects of compounding.

The time required can vary, but most compounded medications are prepared within a few days. Some complex formulations may take longer.

Yes, we can ship your compounded medication to your home or office. We can also send your medication to any of our Realo Drugs locations for local pickup.

New federal regulations, known as USP<800>, are going into effect November 1, 2023. These regulations establish quality standards for handling hazardous drugs in health care settings and help promote patient safety, worker safety, and environmental protection. Antineoplastic agents used to treat cancer, some anti-virals, hormones, and some other medications are classified as hazardous drugs. This means they can potentially have the ability to cause harm to those handling them if done in a careless manner. USP<800> ensures that these medications are handled safely during compounding procedures and that the finished compounded medication is safe and effective for the patients. Building facilities that are compliant to these new regulations, however, comes at a cost that not all pharmacies can or choose to adopt. Realo Compounding Pharmacy is committed to patient safety and the safety of our staff. With USP<800> updates in place, we will continue to compound these important medications for our patients.