Weekly Blister Packs
Servicing North Carolina

Weekly Blister Packs

Staying on track with multiple medications can be a challenge. Our personalized 7-day blister packs, organized by date and time, make proper medication adherence effortless.

Weekly Blister Pack Services
  • Customized to your regimen
  • Each dose sealed in an individual blister
  • Clearly labeled with medication names
  • Organized by date and time
  • Convenient 7-day supply
  • Ideal for complex or frequent regimens
  • Eligible for local delivery
Advantages of Blister Packaging
  • Eliminates pill boxes, bottles, and weekly organization of meds.
  • Simplify complex regimens. Removes the guessing of when to take what.
  • Perforated, detachable packs for on-the-go.
  • Accomodates four different dosage times a day.
  • Promote independence and autonomy.
  • Monthly medication review to ensure you get what you need.